CLASP for Rotary

CLASP provides quality wheelchairs and streamlined logistical support that makes it as easy as 1-2-3 for your Rotary Club to reach more people with disabilities in developing countries who desperately need a wheelchair and don’t have access to one.

Step 1: Choose your wheelchair project

Two wheelchair projects to choose from:

Matching Fund Project

CLASP works with service partners around the world who are leaders in delivering services to people with disabilities in their communities. Help support the programs these service partners offer such as: wheelchair provision, physical rehabilitation, skill building, education, and job training. Learn more about CLASP Service Partners here

  • Dollar for dollar matching ($5,000 min/$11,250 max)
  • Free Shipping (to select locations)
  • Connections to leading service partners in 9 countries: El Salvador, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe

Wheelchairs Anywhere Project

Do you have a hospital, rehabilitation center, or other service provider that you’d like to work with? Send a variety of quality mobility aids – wheelchairs, spare parts, modification kits, and other assistive products – anywhere in the world*.

  • Minimum donation of $10,000
  • Partial or full shipping container loads


*Some restrictions apply

Step 2: Fundraise

Fundraise with your local Rotary club or make an even bigger impact by partnering with other Rotary clubs.

Step 3: Empower more people with mobility

Without mobility, people with disabilities have fewer educational and employment opportunities and far higher rates of poverty and poor health. When people lacking mobility are empowered by a wheelchair, a world of opportunity opens to them, and the world, in turn, benefits from their creativity, voices, and participation!

Contact us now to start your wheelchair project!

We work with leading service partners delivering sustainable disability services in 9 countries!


Learn about our partners here.


One size wheelchair does not fit all!

Just as having a pair of ill-fitting shoes causes pain and blisters, having a wheelchair that is not properly fitted for a person’s physical and environmental needs can cause untold suffering. The difference is that for wheelchair users, these injuries can lead to health problems that can become life-threatening. Watch how having a properly fitted wheelchair enables Pak Ketut to provide a sustainable income for his family. Then learn about the importance of appropriate service provision and see how children like Stanley and Oscar have been helped to live a full and independent life.

Salman’s Story: Beyond Mobility

Salman contracted polio as a child, which left him with severe disabilities. His family managed to get him a wheelchair, but it was much too big for him – he couldn’t reach the wheels to propel himself and he sat in the chair cross-legged for years which caused further health complications. It wasn’t until Salman was in his twenties that he received his first properly fitted wheelchair through CLASP service partner Paraplegic Centre Peshawar. For the first time, Salman could travel independently and, as he says, “think beyond mobility.” With the freedom and empowerment he now feels, he is giving back to the community, organizing sporting events for wheelchair users and traveling across Pakistan advocating for people with disabilities. He is currently developing software to help people with disabilities identify accessible places around Pakistan.

Check out our products page for our full catalog. All products are selected by a team of clinical and technical experts and are ISO certified.