GRIT Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC)

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  • Three-wheel active wheelchair with a large rubber caster wheel, large 26” rear wheels, and a long wheelbase that allows for safe and stable mobility over uneven ground
  • Features hand levers attached to the rear wheels that provide riders bigger torque to push the wheelchair. Levers can be removed and stored on the chair enabling the LFC to be used like a regular wheelchair.
  • Intended for use outdoors
  • Larger packed size is a disadvantage for transport
  • Includes a foam cushion

Intended Users

  • Intended for active adult users without postural support needs.
  • User’s trunk control and agility must match with what is required to safely use the device.


  • Unique removable lever drivetrain enables high speed travel on pavement and provides torque to conquer rough terrain
  • Rigid 3-wheel steel frame is powder coated
  • Long wheelbase
  • Padded solid seat pan with comfort cushion
  • Supportive back pad enables LFC riders to “bench press” the levers, maximizing power.
    • Adjustable footrests
    • Seat belt and chest strap
    • For more information, please see the GRIT Leveraged Freedom Chair brochure
    • Package information: 97 x 67 x 79 cm; two units per carton
    • Estimated assembly time: 20 minutes


Manufacturer Product Number GRLFCS GRLFCM GRLFCL
Seat Width 13’’ (33cm) 15’’ (38cm) 18’’ (46cm)
Seat Depth 14’’ (36 cm)
Back Height Not specified by manufacturer
Back Angle Not specified by manufacturer
Footrest height Adjustable footrest with straps
Rear Wheel Dimensions 26” (66 cm) pneumatic bicycle tires
Rear Wheel Axle Adjustability Adjustable rear axle position
Caster Dimensions 8” (20.5 cm) solid rubber front caster
Overall Width Open 24” (61 cm) 26” (66 cm) 29” (74 cm)
Overall Width Closed Not specified by manufacturer
Overall Length 44” (112 cm)
Product Weight 49 lb (22 kg) 51 lb (23 kg) 53 lb (24 kg)
Weight Capacity Not specified by manufacturer
Certification ISO 9000


Important: This wheelchair should be provided by a therapist trained in the Wheelchair Service Training Package – Basic Level.

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