Jarik Fluid Cushion

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  • Flotation cushion that provides superior pressure relief, features a fluid insert pack and a seat bone well to reduce pressure and maximize pelvic stability
  • Customizable to the user’s seating support needs.
  • Improves the stability and balance of the user and is cooler than foam cushions
  • Washable cover

Intended Users

  • Users with high risk of pressure sores or with special seating support needs


  • Extra durable fluid pad is encased in two separate durable layers for super strength and durability.
  • Clinically proven and user preferred. In a study conducted by the Indian Spinal Cord Center, 85% of wheelchair users preferred the Jarik Fluid cushion over their existing cushion. Outcomes Study.
  • Available in seven sizes for excellent fit to the wheelchair seat
  • A center seam prevents fluid movement from side to side to prevent the cushion from bottoming out
  • The highly viscous Jarik Fluid matches the user’s shape and holds the pelvis comfortably in place, the fluid level is adjustable to every user’s shape
  • Low shear design decreases forces that contribute to pressure sores. Moveable outer cover moves with the user.
  • Washable cover
  • Works well on flat or sling seat
  • For more information, please see the Jarik Fluid Cushion brochure
  • Package Information: 50 x 50 x 16 cm; 2 units per carton
  • User Manual and Fitting Instructions


Manufacturer Product Number 2-32X35 2-35X43 2-35X49 2-40X43 2-40X49 2-45X43 2-45X49 2-50X49
Width 12.5” (32 cm) 14’’ (35 cm) 14’’ (35 cm) 16’’ (40 cm) 16’’ (40 cm) 18’’ (45 cm) 18’’ (45 cm) 20’’ (50 cm)
Depth 14” (35 cm) 17’’ (43 cm) 19’’ (49 cm) 17’’ (43 cm) 19’’ (49 cm) 17’’ (43 cm) 19’’ (49 cm) 19’’ (49 cm)
Certification ISO 9000


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