UCP Liberty II Modification Kit

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  • Designed to provide UCP Liberty II wheelchair users with additional postural support options and safety features, and to accommodate growing wheelchair users.
  • Designed to serve 20 wheelchairs. Not all users will need modification parts.

Intended Users

  • Parts can be prescribed by any wheelchair professional and installed by any wheelchair technician or wheelchair professional.


The parts in this kit are specifically designed for the UCP Liberty II wheelchair and are not guaranteed to function on other wheelchairs.

  • 6 abductor sets (foam pad, attachment brackets and hardware)
  • 4 “L” brackets, each with pad and cover
  • 8 “U” offset brackets, each with pad and cover
  • 4 anti-tippers
  • 2 firm foam pre-seat bone shelves
  • 1 super 77 glue 3M
  • 1 knife to cut foam
  • 8 feet straps with plastic clips
  • 4 footrest extensions with hardware
  • 12 spoke covers with hardware

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