Wheelchair users are best served by trained specialists who provide professional service and follow-up care.

Wheelchair service is a must!

Clinical wheelchair service has proven health and functional benefits. Individualized care can mean reduced loss of physical ability, as well as prevention of secondary disabilities, deformities and respiratory problems. Unfortunately, service is often inhibited because of limited access to appropriate products.


Supply chain problems, such as long production lead times, transit and clearance delays, or an influx of just one type of product inhibits access to the right wheelchair. In many cases, there is a mismatch between the products available at local wheelchair provision centers and the needs of users. Lack of access to appropriate products results in wasted resources, missed opportunities for life-changing interventions, secondary injury or even death.


CLASP understands these challenges. That’s why we provide product selection guidance, short delivery times and competitive prices on a variety of wheelchairs appropriate for all settings all around the world. We stand behind the quality of our products with our warranty and commitment to international standards. Through CLASP, more people can be served.


Clinical wheelchair service requires professionally trained clinicians to perform an assessment and custom fitting so that the right wheelchair is well adjusted to meet the user’s needs. The World Health Organization has prepared guidance documents and training courses to prepare local providers for providing appropriate care. Visit CLASP Resources to browse our library of expert resources. Also, these materials can be downloaded for free at the links below and are available in multiple languages.

CLASP believes that mobility is a human right! Complex products require that the wheelchair provider have extensive training and experience to provide the high quality of service needed. We are proud to support service organizations who are committed to the highest quality of care and who value the professionalization of services. CLASP reserves the right not to ship to organizations that do not provide good quality wheelchair services.
Interested in taking a World Health Organization Basic or Intermediate Wheelchair Service Training? Please visit International Society of Wheelchair Professionals website for support. You can also contact for more information.



headerimgnewThe International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP) has formed to coordinate the training of wheelchair providers around the world. ISWP organizes regional trainings and develops performance standards for wheelchairs that are specifically tailored to the rugged demands on wheelchairs in less-resourced settings.