Matching Fund Program for Rotary

CLASP, a USAID-funded project implemented by UCP Wheels for Humanity, makes it easier for people with disabilities in developing countries to access high-quality wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

CLASP is offering Rotary members and its affiliates a matching fund program allowing you to provide quality wheelchairs at lower cost to even more people!

Our matching fund program offers:

A fast and efficient ordering process.

+ 3 wheelchairs to choose from:

Standard (hospital) wheelchairs: $50
Rotary price special!

All-terrain wheelchairs: $100
Rotary price special!

Active wheelchairs: $100
Rotary price special!

Wheelchairs manufactured to the highest ISO standards. We carry adult, pediatric, hospital, and active wheelchairs.

All wheelchairs come with a cushion, repair kit, and warranty.

Large or small orders of mixed products and sizes. No need to order a full container of just one type of wheelchair. We carry inventory of the most popular sizes.

FREE Shipping*

+ Limited time offer

CLASP will match Rotary funds dollar for dollar, with a minimum order of $5,000 USD. Matching promotion applies only to the Standard (hospital), All Terrain, and Active Wheelchairs listed.


*Free shipping to select service providers. Read about the projects CLASP service providers are working on here

We work with leading service partners delivering sustainable disability services in Zones 1, 7, 21, 22 and 25 and MORE!


Learn about our partners here.


Connect with Us!

We look forward to seeing you at the Rotary Convention Hamburg. 1-5 June. Meet us in Hall 4, Booth 4816.

Our expert sales team is ready to answer your questions. Please reach out to set up a meeting!

Contact Elizabeth Magliana at or Ecke Schulze at or reach out to us here.

The Need for CLASP

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 70 million people worldwide need a wheelchair for basic mobility and as many as 95% of them do not have access to one. Without mobility, people with disabilities have fewer educational and employment opportunities and far higher rates of poverty and poor health. When people lacking mobility are empowered by a wheelchair, a world of opportunity opens to them, and the world, in turn, benefits from their creativity, voices, and participation! Read more about CLASP’s mission.

One size wheelchair does not fit all!

Just as having a pair of ill-fitting shoes causes pain and blisters, having a wheelchair that is not properly fitted for a person’s physical and environmental needs can cause untold suffering. The difference is that for wheelchair users, these injuries can lead to health problems that can become life-threatening. Watch how having a properly fitted wheelchair enables Pak Ketut to provide a sustainable income for his family. Then learn about the importance of an appropriate service provision and see how children like Stanley and Oscar have been helped to live a full and independent life.

Check out our products page for our full catalog. All products are selected by a team of clinical and technical experts, to ensure they meet WHO standards.