(Los Angeles, CA | August 24th, 2018) To further its goal of increasing access to appropriate assistive products and promoting appropriate provision, UCP Wheels for Humanity (UCP Wheels) is increasing the number of CLASP Service Partners to at least twenty as part of the second phase of the four-year, USAID-funded CLASP project. A Request for Applications (RFA) for CLASP Service Partners was circulated at the end of May 2018. This was the first part of a competitive, three-phase application process designed to assess service capacity and quality among other criteria.

CLASP Service Partners provide a visible model of quality service provision and UCP Wheels highlights their capacity and services as part of broader CLASP efforts to promote the importance of appropriate provision. During the first phase of CLASP, UCP Wheels for Humanity (UCPW) partnered with 14 Service Partners from countries including Jordan, Romania, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Samoa, South Africa, and Tanzania that haddemonstrated baseline capacity for appropriate service provision.

The partners were providing wheelchairsservicesappropriately but, in many cases,had a limited variety of products available. TheService Partners received donated products through CLASPand other product donors, which allowed them to diversify the range of wheelchairsprovided to their clients with mobility impairments.

Newly selected CLASP Service Partners will be announced in September 2018. Partners will be eligible to receive donations and matched donations of CLASP products and will be featured prominently on clasphub.org and on CLASP’s social media channels.When opportunities are available,they will be linked to product buyers and donors that are interested in donating productsto service providers that follow WHO’s 8 Steps for wheelchair service provision.

Another RFA to select a second round of CLASP Service Partners will be launched in Spring 2019. Please email RFA@clasphub.org if your service provider organization is interested in being notified when the RFA is released.