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  • Adjustable positioning chair intended for use by infants who need extra postural support
  • Easy to transport and includes a tray, tilt-in-space, lateral support pads, abductor, positioning straps, and headrest
  • The seat is designed for use on the floor
  • Each chair includes a basic tool kit

Intended Users

  • Small children who need postural support during daily activities




Price list available upon request.

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This product has been approved by the Product Advisory Council.


  • Folding frame
  • Material: plywood
  • Solid seat with adjustable ischial-shelf cushion
  • Padded backrest
  • Adjustable back height
  • Side trunk supports
  • Tilting seating system
  • Tipping prevention
  • Abductor (knee separator)
  • Adjustable pelvic strap
    • Chest strap
    • Head support
    • Tray table
    • Adjustable footrest with ankle strap
    • Includes basic tool kit
    • Estimated assembly time: 30 minutes
    • Certifications: ISO 9000, ISO 13845, CE mark
    • For details on the CLASP warranty, click here. All products must be registered in order to activate warranty coverage.


CLASP Product Number WMMOST
Seat Width 5.5″ – 9.4″ (14 cm – 24 cm)
Seat Depth 6.3″ – 10.6″ (16 cm – 27 cm)
Seat Angle 90° seat to back angle
Seat Height Not specified by manufacturer
Back Height 10.2″ – 13.6″ (26 cm – 34.5 cm)
Back Angle Always 90˚
Daily Tilt Angles Choice of eight positions from vertical backrest up to 17° of backward tilt. Quick and easy to adjust without any hand tools.
Footrest Height 6.3″ – 10.2″ (16 cm – 26 cm)
Rear Wheel Dimensions Not applicable
Rear Wheel Axle Adjustability Not applicable
Wheels Small plywood rear wheels in combination with carry handle and tow-strap provide some short distance mobility for this product.
Distance Between Trunk Side Pads 4.7″ – 7.1″ (12 cm – 18 cm)
Trunk Side Pads Height 5.1″ – 9.8″ (13 cm – 25 cm)
Knee Separator Pad Dimensions Abductor width: 2.5 cm – 11 cm; can be individually modified.
Distance Between Pelvis Side Pads Not specified by manufacturer
Headrest Adjustability Contoured headrest with removable, washable cotton cover. Adjustable headrest height and depth. The contoured headrest shape can be easily modified if necessary.
Headrest Height: 12.2″ – 16.5″ (31 cm – 42 cm)
Overall Width Open 17.1″ (43.5 cm)
Overall Width Closed Not specified by manufacturer
Overall Length 28″ (71.2 cm)
Product Weight 17.4 lb (7.9 kg)
Weight Capacity 55.1 lb (25 kg)
Packaging One unit per carton
Package Size 29″ x 18″ x 15″ (74 cm x 46 cm x 37 cm)
Package Weight 21 lb (9.5 kg)


Basic tool kit included:

  • 1 Allen key – “L” Shape 4 mm
  • 2 Allen keys – “L” Shape 5 mm
  • 1 Allen key – “L” Shape 6 mm
  • 2 Multi-function spanners
  • 1 Tool kit (user) bag
  • 1 Phillips-head screwdriver – medium
  • 1 Phillips-head screwdriver – large
  • 1 Tool bag with zipper
  • 1 Bradawl tool


Product Information Sheet


Fiche d’information sur le produit en français


Página de Información en español


Assembly Manual


Manual Ensamble / Español


Supplier Product Summary


Resumen de Producto / Español


Motivation Moti-Start Cushion Information Sheet


Ensamble de Cojin de Asiento / Español


Part Breakdown


Desglose de Partes / Español


Care & Maintenance Guide


Health & Mobility Guide



Important: This wheelchair should be provided by a therapist trained in Wheelchair Service Training Package – Intermediate Level.

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