About Us

What is CLASP?

Consolidating Logistics for Assistive Technology Supply and Provision – Phase II (CLASP II) is a USAID-funded project implemented by UCP Wheels for Humanity (UCP Wheels) that increases access to a variety of high-quality, affordable assistive products, and promotes appropriate provision globally. CLASP provides a solution to supply-side challenges faced by wheelchair service providers in less-resourced settings including limited product variety, extensive lead time, and logistical burdens.

Mission & Vision

According to WHO, up to 70 million people worldwide need a wheelchair for basic mobility and as many as 95% of them do not have one, limiting their social inclusion and participation. CLASP’s mission is to increase access to quality assistive products for people with disabilities in low and middle-income countries.

How Does CLASP Work?

Through a consolidation hub in China, CLASP enables buyers to make large or small orders of mixed products and sizes, delivering mobility devices that best suit users’ individual needs faster and more efficiently.

CLASP stocks adult and pediatric wheelchairs, walking aids, cushions, spare parts kits, and modification kits from suppliers including Motivation, Whirlwind, UCP Wheels, DDO, Jarik, and INTCO. All wheelchair products come with a standard set of promotion and support materials that provide details of a product’s performance specifications, plus instructions on the proper use and care of the product.




  Fast Delivery

  Large or Small Orders


  Promotes Appropriate Provision



How Are Products Selected?

A Product Advisory Council, comprised of clinical and technical experts, selects which GATE products will be added to CLASP through an annual bidding process and on a rolling basis to ensure that CLASP is responsive to market needs. The goal of CLASP is for buyers, service providers, and other stakeholders to have access to different wheelchair models and non-wheelchair products from a number of suppliers and to consistently provide products of excellent value.

Commitment to Appropriate Provision

Through CLASP, UCP Wheels is committed to promoting appropriate provision. This value is integrated into all aspects of the project from the website and social media channels; to the sales process; selection of assistive products; and promotion of CLASP Service Partners, who are committed to appropriate provision in line with the WHO 8-Steps and are leaders in their communities.


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