Comfort Cushion


Momentum Wheels for Humanity


  • Contoured foam cushion provides comfort and seating support to increase sitting tolerance, includes seat bone well and medial and lateral thigh supports for pressure distribution and positioning
  • Shaped bottom adapts to sling seats to maintain flat sitting platform
  • Cover is made of loose synthetic waterproof material to protect cushion from incontinence and humid environments, dissipate heat, and allow cushion modifications
  • Low profile at only 40 mm is more comfortable for some users
  • Not a pressure relief cushion

Intended Users

  • Users without risk of pressure sores




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  • Adjustable seat depth. Includes cutting lines on front edge of foam and adjustable cover.
  • Velcro on bottom to hold cushion in place on wheelchair seat
  • Can be used on most wheelchairs
  • Breathable and washable cover with a moisture barrier to protect the foam from damage
  • Certifications: ISO 9000
  • Package Information: 75 x 43 x 51 cm; 10 units per carton


CLASP Product Number UFC012 UFC020
Width 12’’ (30 cm) 20’’ (51 cm)
Depth* 12” – 14’’ (30 cm – 36 cm) 16” – 18’’ (41 cm – 46 cm)

*Cushion can be cut to any length that is required by the user. Recommended shortest cushion length is 12″.

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