“We are so happy that Darweshi received a wheelchair. Now he will definitely start school.”

Darweshi, 7, from Tanzania, was born with cerebral palsy. He received a Moti-Go wheelchair and support services via CCBRT (Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania), a CLASP service provider.

Darweshi was first brought to CCBRT at age 3. His parents had taken him to several other hospitals in an unsuccessful search for treatment. At CCBRT’s main hospital in Dar es Salaam, Darweshi started intense physiotherapy and was referred to a community support unit near his home. After just a few months he was able to hold his head up on his own, feed himself, and sit without a support.

CCBRT also custom-fit a brand-new wheelchair for Darweshi, sourced through CLASP, which allowed his parents to bring him along to family and community events and, for the first time, opened up the opportunity for Darweshi to attend school. For Darweshi, having an opportunity to play was the biggest source of excitement. His first request was for his father to push him around while Darweshi mimicked the sound of his favorite cars!