What type of wheelchairs does CLASP offer?

CLASP currently offers a variety of wheelchairs that can accommodate a wide range of users’ postural needs and environmental conditions. All of our wheelchairs can be found on the Product page.

What type of accessories does CLASP offer?

In addition to wheelchairs, postural support devices, and walking aids, CLASP also offers accessories, including cushions, spare parts kits, and wheelchair modification kits. All of our accessories can be found on the Product page.

Where are CLASP products manufactured?

The products currently in the CLASP catalogue are manufactured in China; however, this is not a requirement for inclusion in the catalogue and future CLASP products may be manufactured in other countries.

Does CLASP stock non-mobility assistive devices?

CLASP does not currently stock non-mobility assistive devices but is exploring the possibility of doing so in the future in collaboration with the Product Advisory Council.

What suppliers has CLASP worked with?

CLASP has worked with a number of suppliers that manufacture high quality, durable products that are appropriate for urban to semi-urban and rural settings. These include Motivation, RoughRider America, Momentum Wheels for Humanity, INTCO, DDO and Jarik.

Does CLASP have relationships with local suppliers/manufacturers?

CLASP can recommend local suppliers and manufacturers to buyers and service providers when relevant. If you are a local supplier or manufacturer interested in being included in CLASP’s database, please email info@clasphub.org. If you are a buyer or service provider looking for local suppliers or manufacturers in your country or region, please email info@clasphub.org.

How are new products added to the CLASP catalogue?

New products that are PAC-approved are assessed by a Product Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC consists of clinical and technical experts with extensive experience in the wheelchair sector who advise CLASP on products to be added to the CLASP catalog. The PAC considers some of the following criteria when reviewing products: manufacturing and quality standards, including ISO7176 or equivalent certification; product specifications and usability; market potential.

New products that are not PAC reviewed are added based on market needs and product gaps in the CLASP catalog. These products are offered by current CLASP suppliers of PAC approved products.

How can my product be added to the CLASP catalogue?

Invitations to Bid (ITBs) are released annually and periodically when gaps or needs are identified. Details on open ITBs will be posted on our blog, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via our email list. If there is not an open ITB, suppliers can still submit their products for consideration. To submit your product for consideration, please send a brief product description (e.g. product brochure) to pac@clasphub.org and be prepared to provide CLASP with product specifications, price, minimum order quantities and production lead time.


What is the PAC?

The Product Advisory Council (PAC) is a peer-nominated, competitively selected group of clinical, technical, and wheelchair-user experts. It was formed under advisement of the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP) and is composed of volunteers from around the world. The PAC is responsible for providing technical guidance and recommendations on new product submissions. If you have any questions regarding the PAC, please email pac@clasphub.org.

What is the COS?

The Committee of Suppliers (COS) include representatives from CLASP product suppliers. COS members receive reports on sales activity, marketing plans, and product feedback from an extensive range of users in different contexts. The reports and user feedback provided by CLASP are intended to support the suppliers’ efforts to identify gaps within the market and drive new product development.

Where is the CLASP warehouse located?

The CLASP warehouse is located in Shanghai, China.

Does CLASP have distributors?

CLASP is in the process of identifying distributors that are interested in partnership opportunities. Please complete the Distributor Questionnaire if you are a distributor interested in working with CLASP. A full list of CLASP distributors will be made available on the Partners page.

How can I contribute to CLASP?

CLASP accepts both monetary and in-kind contributions that allow CLASP to purchase stock, send assistive products to service providers that distribute wheelchairs in line with international best practices, or offset marketing and operational costs. All contributions are gratefully accepted, responsibly utilized to further the CLASP mission, and reported to the project donor, USAID. Please reach out to info@clasphub.org if you are interested in making a contribution.

What is the relationship between Momentum Wheels for Humanity and CLASP?

Momentum Wheels for Humanity is a global non-profit dedicated to increasing access to mobility and improving quality of life for children and adults with disabilities in less-resourced countries. Founded in 1996 and currently a subsidiary of Momentum, Momentum Wheels for Humanity implements direct-service or capacity-building programs focused on mobility, empowerment, therapy, and advocacy.

Consolidating Logistics for Assistive Technology Supply and Provision (CLASP) is a USAID-funded project implemented by Momentum Wheels for Humanity to improve the availability of and access to appropriate assistive technology in less-resourced settings and to promote quality service provision.


Can I buy a wheelchair directly from you?

CLASP does not sell direct to consumers.

How can I place an order?

Email us at sales@clasphub.org to start your order. 

What is the minimum order?

There are no minimum order quantities. A handling fee of $500 is applied to all orders under $5,000.

Can I order multiple products and sizes in one shipment?

Yes, CLASP enables buyers to purchase a mix of products and sizes in one shipment.

Can I change an order once it has been placed?

Changes are possible once an order has been placed and should be communicated with a CLASP Sales Agent or by emailing salesmgr@clasphub.org. Changes to an order may delay the shipment date. Unfortunately, once the shipment has been packed for delivery, changes can no longer be made to the order. Depending on the order status, fees may apply to requested changes.

What are the payment terms?

CLASP offers a variety of payment terrms. Please email sales@clasphub.org to learn more.

What is your return policy?

All returns must be authorized by CLASP and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

How long can I get spare parts?

Currently spare parts are available for as long as the products they support are in the CLASP catalogue. Should an item cease to be part of the catalogue, an announcement will be posted on our blog, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via our email list allowing for sufficient notice should a buyer decide to purchase additional spare parts prior to their removal from the catalogue.

How/Where do I order spare parts?

Spare parts are available either through CLASP or your local Distributor.

How do I know what documents I need?

Import regulations for each destination country vary, and depending on the exact shipping method selected, document requirements may change as well. For additional information, please email salesmgr@clasphub.org.

How do I know if I need a Certificate of Free Sale?

A Certificate of Free Sale is required by some countries to indicate that the products purchased for import are certified for sale in the country of manufacture and are approved for export. The CLASP Logistics Provider or your importer/customs clearance agent can inform you if you will need a Certificate of Free Sale. For additional information, please email salesmgr@clasphub.org.


Which countries does CLASP ship to?

The goal of CLASP is to increase access to appropriate assistive technology in low and middle-income countries. For an up-to-date list of where CLASP has shipped to, please see Our Impact. If you have a question about a destination, please email salesmgr@clasphub.org.

Does CLASP charge for shipment documents?

Yes, CLASP charges for each original shipment document requested including the Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Certificate of Origin.

Does CLASP help with customs clearance?

Customs clearance is the responsibility of the buyer.

How do I obtain shipping insurance?

Each shipment via ocean cargo is automatically covered by CLASP to final destination and the insurance cost is included in the freight quote.

How long are freight estimates valid for?

Freight quotes are typically valid for thirty (30) days.

How long does it take to receive a shipment?

CLASP products ship from Shanghai and can take up to 38 days, depending on the final destination.


Does CLASP have a warranty?

CLASP offers a limited warranty on most of our wheelchairs. The warranty is an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty and begins the date the wheelchair is provided to the user, or the date that the wheelchair was received at its final ship-to address. All wheelchairs must be registered in order to activate warranty coverage. For details on the CLASP warranty, click here.

How can I register a CLASP wheelchair?

To activate the warranty coverage, the wheelchair must be registered no later than 30 days after the wheelchair is provided to the user. Click here to register your wheelchair

If you are a buyer or distributor, please ensure that the wheelchair registration form is circulated to all wheelchair service providers that receive CLASP assistive products from you so that they can assist their clients with wheelchair registration.

If you are a wheelchair service provider, please share this link with clients that have access to internet and would like to register their own products. If a client does not have access to internet or does not want to register their own product, please register their wheelchair on their behalf at the time of distribution.

If you are a CLASP Service Partner, wheelchair registration for every CLASP wheelchair is mandatory. Please ensure that all CLASP wheelchairs are registered at the time of distribution.

Do you send replacement wheelchairs and/or parts?

Yes. For details on the CLASP warranty, click here.


Does CLASP directly build service provision capacity?

CLASP does not directly build service provision capacity; however, the promotion of appropriate provision is a key component of the project. Please visit the Provision and Resources pages for helpful training and capacity building resources.

How does CLASP promote provision?

CLASP promotes quality service provision by:

  • Using CLASP marketing and social media channels to promote and highlight appropriate services, service experts, and excellent service providers.
  • Adding high-quality assistive products to the CLASP catalogue that meet international standards and recommendations and are compatible with appropriate service provision.
  • Ensuring that all CLASP products have clear and concise product promotion and support materials.
  • Selecting CLASP Service Partners – providers with demonstrated baseline service capacity – and increasing their access to a diverse range of assistive products.
  • Linking buyers, service providers, distributors, service managers, decision makers, and other stakeholders to technical experts and online trainings and resources, available on the CLASP website, and through ISWP, WHO, and others.
  • Building dialogue regarding appropriate service provision into the CLASP sales process.

What product promotion and support materials do CLASP products come with?

CLASP requires that all products in the CLASP catalogue have a comprehensive set of product promotion and support materials to facilitate a buyer’s selection process and to inform a user on how to use and care for their product. CLASP recently set a minimum standard that all new products added to the CLASP catalogue must come with, including:

  • Technical specification sheet
  • Basic wheelchair user manual
  • Assembly animation and PDF
  • Adjustment animation and PDF

How do I know what type of wheelchairs I should order?

CLASP has developed wheelchair comparison charts for an ‘at a glance’ side-by-side view of the different features for each of the wheelchairs available in the catalogue. Additionally, product promotion materials that come with CLASP products are designed to provide an overview of a product and highlight performance specifications to facilitate a buyer or provider’s selection process.


Do you have service providers you can refer me to?

Yes, CLASP works with Service Partners that have demonstrated capacity for appropriate service provision. You can find information for all current CLASP Service Partners here. Please contact info@clasphub.org if you would like a direct referral.

I want to donate a shipment of mobility aids. Do you have service providers you can recommend to receive such a donation?

Yes, CLASP Service Partners are recommended providers that have undergone a multi-phase application process that assesses their service capacity and quality. CLASP endorses these providers and recommends them to buyers or donors interested in donating shipments. Please contact info@clasphub.org if you would like more information on a specific Service Partner.

How are CLASP Service Partners selected?

CLASP Service Partners are selected through a competitive, three-phase application process that assesses their service model, service demand and capacity, organizational structure, and inventory management, among other criteria. Selected CLASP Service Partners must continue to demonstrate appropriate provision to maintain their partnership status.

Can CLASP help with funding?

UCP Wheels for Humanity cultivates relationships with product buyers and donors that periodically donate funds for purchasing products. Through CLASP, UCP Wheels works to connect these donors to CLASP Service Partners when possible.