The Frank Hilton Organization (FHO) in Fiji has been operational since the late 1950s and was incorporated as a non-governmental organization in 1966. Its mission is to:

  • Offer effective and quality education at all levels to increase the potential of children with disabilities;
  • Empower children with appropriate skills for life in order to increase independence, promote inclusion and full participation in society; and
  • Mitigate hardships of parents and caregivers and empower them with the necessary tools to understand, protect, and advocate for the rights of children with disabilities.


FHO’s areas of operation include their Early Intervention Center, the Hilton Special School, the Hilton House Hostel, the Hilton Physiotherapy Department, the Hilton Audiology Department, the Speech Pathology Unit, case management, outreach and community support services.  The physiotherapy unit which is staffed by physiotherapists, community rehabilitation assistants and wheelchair technicians was established in March 2014 as part of the organization’s strategy to provide service in early detection and intervention. It offers access to physiotherapy programs, including assessment and fitting for assistive devices.