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  • CLASP Terms and Conditions
    1. Wheelchairs are a medical device and APPROPRIATE PROVISION IS CRITICAL for good user outcomes and prevention of harm such as postural deformities and pressure sores, which can be fatal.
    2. Consignee is legally responsible for customs clearance and all costs not specifically included in the shipping terms. CLASP is never responsible for duties, taxes, demurrage, regulatory penalties, or customs clearance. For additional information, check the Shipping Agreement and Shipping Terms tabs on this xls. If donor/buyer is different from consignee, it is the responsibility of donor/buyer and consignee to work out arrangements regarding unexpected costs.
    3. CLASP ships up to and including CIF terms only.
    4. This Order Form serves as a valid Purchase Order from the customer when it is finalized and agreed to by email.
    5. CLASP normally ships within 21 days of receiving the finalized Order Form and payment terms have been met.
    6. Draft shipping documents will be provided to consignees for approval prior to shipment. Any changes to documents must be requested within 48 hours.
    7. 100% pre-payment may be required prior to shipment. Risk of loss and damage shall pass to the buyer upon delivery to the specified port of arrival. Title shall pass to the buyer upon payment in full.
    8. CLASP will send final shipping documents to consignee once vessel is underway.
    9. Notify CLASP ( regarding any discrepency between goods ordered and actual shipment within 48 hours of unloading. For issues with your order,