CLASP Warranty

The foundational mission of CLASP is to empower people with disabilities to achieve all they can through offering durable assistive technology that works in the places where they live. In pursuit of that mission, CLASP offers a limited warranty that attempts to strike a balance between continued support and a sustainable social business.

The daily use environments for CLASP users put unusually high requirements on wheelchairs. These are outside the expectations of use in many developed settings. As a result, CLASP products are designed to be stronger; however, failures will happen. For CLASP, serving users means offering strong products with a warranty and also offering an warrantyeasy supply of spare parts. In general, the expected life of well-maintained wheelchairs is five years.

For wheelchairs, the warranty covers the following based on the shipping date from CLASP:

  • Frame: defects in materials and workmanship for 18 months
  • Components (such as wheel locks, caster forks, and brackets) for six months.
  • Wearing parts (such as tires, tubes, bearings, casters, cushions, and upholstery) are guaranteed to be in good condition when received; but, normal wear is not covered in the warranty.

The warranty does not cover damage from use that is not considered normal use.

The warranty is void if: the wheelchair has been modified by the user beyond the normal modifications described in the product support materials; the wheelchair serial number has been removed; the wheelchair has been subject to abuse, neglect, storage without roof or cover; maximum recommended weight is exceeded; use is outside the recommended environment use case; improper repairs; or, the wheelchair is used by someone other than the original user.

CLASP’s warranty responsibility is to provide parts or complete product replacement as necessary. Because of the extreme and variable costs of shipping, the CLASP warranty does not cover the cost of shipping or labor required to implement repair or replacement. Solutions to this will be handled on a case by case basis. Some warranty issues can be handled locally by a qualified service provider and then reimbursed by CLASP, with CLASP’s prior authorization.

The CLASP warranty applies to the CLASP purchaser or consignee for the shipment, not to individual users. Individual users should make warranty claims through their service provider.

To make a warranty claim, send photos of the damaged part, product serial number, and your contact information to warranty at clasphub dot org

The above warranty can be adjusted to meet requirements of specific markets.