(Los Angeles, CA | August 17th, 2018) The CLASP Product Advisory Council (PAC) launched in June 2018 with the selection of seven clinical, technical, product standardization, and user experts that will serve on the PAC in a voluntary capacity for aone-yearterm. UCP Wheels for Humanity (UCP Wheels) solicited nominations from a wide range of representativesincluding product buyers, service providers,and members from disabled people’s organizations, NGOs, international organizations, donors, research laboratories, and universitiesand collaborated with the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP)to form a diverse council of experts that will be responsive to theunique needs of wheelchair users.

Improving access to appropriate assistive products, while also promoting appropriate provisionisthegoal of the four-year, USAID-funded CLASP project. UCP Wheels is working with the PAC to ensure that products added to the catalog meet the minimum-required standardsandthe needs of wheelchair users in low and middle-incomecountries.The PAC plays a keyrole in the transparent selection process that enables UCP Wheels to diversify CLASP’s product offering.Increasing the range of products available through CLASP allows donors, buyers, and service providers to better meet theenvironmental, postural, and otherneeds of their clients and end users with appropriate wheelchairs.

At least two invitations to bid(ITB)will be circulated annually to suppliers and manufacturers of assistive products.The first CLASP ITB for adult active manual wheelchairs and adult standard manual wheelchairs launched in July 2018; a second ITB for pediatric wheelchairs, walking aids, and wheelchair cushions will launch in early 2019. Through CLASP, UCP Wheels will regularly solicit product suggestions from wheelchair service providers, buyers, and other stakeholdersand will release ITBs that are responsive to identified needs.

PAC members review all supplier bids that meet minimum standards and up to two PAC members conduct an in-person review of each productunder consideration.PAC’s two user experts, two clinical experts, two technical experts, and a product standardization expert use their four votes to recommend whether or not a product should be added to the CLASP catalog. ISWP serves as a tie-breaker when needed. The results of the first ITB will be announced on clasphub.org and the CLASP catalog and Get a Quote form will be updated to reflect new additions.