Can’t find everything you’re looking for? We can help!

We understand how challenging it is to fulfill all of your assistive product needs in one place. That’s why CLASP can source products for you that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the people you serve.

Product sourcing saves you time and money! 

Our dedicated team of experienced logistics professionals has years of experience in product sourcing and procurement, and we have established relationships with trusted suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. We work with you to understand your product requirements and specifications, and we use our expertise and industry knowledge to find the products that meet your needs.

We can help with the procurement of assistive products that are not in the CLASP catalog. Minimum order quantities determined by manufacturer. Details on shipping depend on terms, location, weight, and time frame. Products sourced from outside the CLASP catalog are not reviewed in-person by CLASP. Other costs may apply.

We are here to help fulfill your assistive product order. Contact us today to start your order: