Motivation Moti-Go Medium Spare Parts Kit




  • Designed to provide the resources needed for repairs on approximately 25 Motivation Moti-Go wheelchairs (medium size only)

Intended Users

  • Spare parts can be installed by any trained wheelchair technician




Price list available upon request.

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The parts in this kit are specifically designed for the Motivation Moti-Go (medium size only) and are not guaranteed to function on other wheelchairs.

CLASP Product Number: SK-WMSSG2-01


  • 4 G2 sacral pads
  • 4 G2 EVA 10 mm inserts
  • 6 handle grips
  • 5 ankle straps L (G2, G3)
  • 5 ankle straps R (G2, G3)
  • 5 shoulder straps (G2, G3)
  • 5 lap straps (G2, G3)
  • 5 abductor side EVA cover flaps
  • 40 8 mm plain washers OD 17 mm
  • 40 M6 x 25 Allen button head bolts
  • 40 M6 x 20 Allen button head bolts
  • 40 M6 x 30 Allen button head bolts
  • 40 M6 x 15 Allen button head bolts
  • 40 M8 hex nuts

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