RoughRider Spare Parts Kit


RoughRider America


  • Designed to provide the resources needed for repairs on 5 RoughRider wheelchairs after approximately 1 year of regular use

Intended Users

  • Spare parts can be installed by any trained wheelchair technician




Price list available upon request.

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The parts in this kit are specifically designed for the RoughRider Wheelchair and are not guaranteed to function on other wheelchairs.

CLASP Product Number: RRSPK0 


  • 2 complete rear wheel assemblies (59 cm diameter wheels)
  • 10 inner tubes
  • 10 valve caps for rear tires
  • 10 axle bolts (front caster attachment bolts): 8 at 10 cm in length, 2 at 13 cm length, plus 10 washers and 10 nuts
  • 20 axle bearings
  • 8 front caster assemblies
  • 5 seating systems (33 cm, 36 cm, 40 cm, 44 cm and 48 cm width): 5 back canvases, 5 seat canvases, and webbing for all 5
  • Certification: ISO 13485
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