Cheshire Ethiopia is a non-governmental organization established in 1962 to work toward the development of a disability inclusive society. Cheshire Ethiopia’s mission is to promote an inclusive society through the provision of comprehensive rehabilitation services, affordable technology, and empowerment activities for people with disabilities. Program activities designed to support their mission include institution-based rehabilitation services, mobile outreach services to rural areas, community-based inclusive development, and networking and partnership development.

At Cheshire’s Menagesha Rehabilitation Center, a number of services are offered including childcare, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and skills development training for children and youth with disabilities. At the Menagesha, Hawassa, and Diredawa Rehabilitation Centers, Cheshire Ethiopia also products and provides a wide range of assistive devices including prosthesis, orthosis, orthopedic shoes, and walking aids. Community-based rehabilitation services include disability prevention and awareness trainings, home-based services for children with development delays, educational support services, microfinance activities, and referral services among others. Cheshire partners with a variety of strategic stakeholders including community organizations, NGOs, individual donors, businesses, Ethiopian government agencies, and disabled people’s organizations.