The right fit matters: an interview with Ludmila, Aneta’s mother


“Aneta is 13 years old from Batumi. One year and several months ago, she was diagnosed with paraplegia. Aneta has a very active style. She goes to school and regularly visits the local rehabilitation center. Soon she plans to take art classes and learn drawing and music.


Aneta and I spend a lot of time outside together, covering long distances on Batumi’s streets. Batumi is the most accessible city in Georgia. Wheelchair users are able to use public transport and drive in the streets, facing less barriers and challenges compared to other cities.


Having the right wheelchair is very important for Aneta to maintain an active lifestyle. She was recently provided with an Intco Active wheelchair, which matches her needs. The wheelchair size is well chosen and she maneuvers it easily both indoors and outdoors on even surfaces. Aneta spends most of the daytime in the wheelchair, so the right sitting posture is very important for her to avoid pain or complications. The active type of wheelchair is lighter, which also makes it easy for me to provide assistance.”


Aneta’s INTCO Active wheelchair was provided by our Service Partner MAC Georgia.