“I have always lived an active life, so it was difficult for me to stay at home the whole day and remain unfunctional.” 


After losing his left leg in 2009, Davit used crutches to get around. But when the condition on his right leg worsened, he could no longer rely on it for mobility.

Davit connected with MAC Georgia, a local wheelchair service provider and CLASP Service Partner. He was prescribed a Motivation Active Folding wheelchair, which was fitted to suit his unique physical and lifestyle needs. His new wheelchair has helped him overcome his mobility restriction, and instead of sitting immobile all day, he can go out into his yard, visit with his neighbors, and remain socially active.

Davit’s new wheelchair has given him the opportunity to remain active and engaged in his community. “The new wheelchair is easy to use, foldable, and far more comfortable than crutches or prosthesis. It also helps me to avoid full isolation and this way plays an important role in my life.”