UCP Expression

UCP Expression

A custom fit active wheelchair for image-conscious users in urban and semi-urban areas who are economically disadvantaged. Chair features light weight, super durability, transportability, extensive fit and positioning options, and a sleek urban look. Comes with a contoured foam pressure-relieving cushion.


Active children and adults without postural support needs; older adults (over 65 years old).

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  • Sleek urban look
  • Lightweight and rugged for use in less accessible environments
  • Small footprint is easily maneuverable in tight spaces
  • Easily transportable; rigid frame with fold down back and quick release rear wheels
  • Includes a comfortable pressure relief cushion suitable for users with high risk of pressure sores. Cushion has removable and washable waterproof cover.
  • Rear wheels are 24” (66 cm) with standard bicycle pneumatic (air) tires
  • Casters are 5” (13 cm) diameter with high durability UU tires
  • Chair passes ISO 7176 test and is manufactured in an ISO 9000 quality certified factory. Carries CE Mark.
  • Weight capacity 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • For more information, please see the UCP Expression brochure   pdf 20px_resize
  • Package Information: 62 x 75 x 49.5 cm; one unit per carton
  • Estimated assembly time: 10 minutes


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This wheelchair is covered by the CLASP wheelchair warranty.

Intended for active users who use the wheelchair as their primary method of mobility and who do not require postural support that exceeds the support features of the UCP Expression wheelchair. Intended for use indoors or outdoors. The user’s lifestyle and normal method of transportation (automobile, bus, car, motorcycle) should be considered to match the wheelchair’s ability to be transported easily.

Rugged mobility products are designed for environments that have higher impacts, more humidity, and generally more severe requirements than standard indoor wheelchairs are designed for. These wheelchairs are stronger and allow the user to roll off of short curbs up to 15 cm high, roll over small obstacles, and go over some unpaved surfaces. Users must properly maintain the wheelchair in order to keep the chair strong. It is important to keep tires inflated, change bearings as needed, and keep the chair dry and free of corrosion.

Rugged mobility products are not designed for skate parks, outside storage, racing, going down stairs, or being dropped from a height more than 15 cm – such as off of a bus or vehicle.

Many wheelchair parts can be destroyed by corrosion from water, especially salty water. After exposure to water, the wheelchair should be carefully dried off and salt should be washed away. If corrosion (rust) appears, the area should be cleaned of corrosion and repainted. The CLASP warranty does not cover damage by corrosion.

Important:  Provision of this wheelchair requires a clinical process by a therapist trained in Wheelchair Service Training Package – Basic Level