Do you have an assistive product that fills a gap in the CLASP catalogue, or meets a market demand for assistive technology in low or middle income countries? CLASP would like to hear from you!

CLASP has concluded three formal Invitation to Bid cycles and has competitively selected 14 products within 5 categories: Urban and Semi-Urban Wheelchairs, All-Terrain Wheelchairs, Postural Support Wheelchairs and Devices, Transport Wheelchairs, and Accessories.

If you would like to submit a product to be evaluated by CLASP, please contact us at

CLASP is interested in reviewing products submitted outside of the formal Invitation to Bid if the product meets either of the following criteria:


  1. There is an identified gap in the catalog that corresponds to a market demand
  2. An existing supplier requests consideration of an upgraded model

If your product meets either of the above criteria, please send a brief product description (e.g., product brochure) to and be prepared to provide CLASP with product specifications, price, minimum order quantities, and production lead time. CLASP will evaluate the product for consideration in the catalogue.

For consideration and possible virtual evaluation by CLASP, please contact us at