The Shonaquip Social Enterprise is made up of Shonaquip Ltd and the Uhambo Foundation. It was established in 1992 as a social enterprise to provide appropriately fitted wheelchairs for children and adults, capacity building for local wheelchair practitioners, and empowerment and advocacy programs for people with disabilities. Shonaquip’s purpose is to create an inclusive society for children with disabilities, particularly children with mobility disabilities, their families, and caregivers.

Their objectives include ensuring that children with mobility and other disabilities, their parents, families, caregivers and communities are empowered, receive quality information, appropriate mobility and 24-hour posture support devices, accessible resources and holistic support to reduce inequality, and enable social inclusion; delivering capacity building programs, training, support services, resource development, awareness raising, advocacy, lobbying and policy development to support the empowerment of children with mobility devices; and partnering and supporting other service providers engaged in these objectives.

Shonaquip implements programs in health, including the design and manufacture of a full range of 24-hour posture management equipment and mobility devices for children; education; livelihoods, including skills development; social, including direct case management support; and empowerment.