A new tool for buyers, service providers, and governments

Selecting the right mobility aids to purchase can be overwhelming. For buyers, service providers, and governments, there are many, often competing, factors to consider including the right product mix, product quality standards, and price.

The CLASP Wheelchair Selection Guide is a decision-making tool to help buyers prioritize key features and criteria to make an informed choice. The Guide is available in the following formats and languages:

  • Downloadable PDF in English, Chinese, French, and Spanish
  • Video with captions in English and Spanish
  • Video with audio descriptions for people who are visually impaired or blind


The Guide features CLASP products, but it can be adapted to meet other product selection needs. As always, we’re happy to answer any questions, receive feedback, or provide an overview to the Guide. Please contact us at sales@clasphub.org.

You can access the Wheelchair Selection Guide at clasphub.org/wheelchair-selection-guide