Los Angeles, CA | December 10th, 2018 UCP Wheels for Humanity (UCPW) is pleased to announce that the first round of CLASP Service Partners has been selected:

UCPW works with Service Partners through CLASP to model and promote the importance of appropriate service provision. Service Partners are eligible to receive donated assistive products through CLASP and UCPW raises awareness about their work through the CLASP website and social media channels. They are also connected to other product donors when opportunities are available.

CLASP Service Partners are wheelchair service providers that have demonstrated their commitment to and capacity for appropriate wheelchair service provision. The first round of Service Partners was selected following a competitive, three-phase application process designed to assess their service capacity and quality.

Please visit the Service Partners page for a profile on each partner.

If you are interested in becoming a CLASP Service Partner, please email RFA@clasphub.org for details on how to apply.