Oscar is the second oldest of five children. He and his family live together in Dar es Salaam. In 2016, having completed grade 7 with some of the highest grades in his class, he was excited to go to secondary school. However, Oscar’s disability made it difficult for his family to manage the transition and provide the level of support he needed to be able to attend regularly.

Fortunately, Comprehensive Community-Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT), Tanzania’s largest provider of disability and rehabilitation services and a CLASP service provider was able to provide Oscar with an appropriately-fitted wheelchair.

“The importance of this wheelchair cannot be overstated,” said Oscar’s father. “It’s everything to Oscar. We cannot imagine how he would survive without it.” Since receiving the chair Oscar has been able to attend school, and get out of the house with his friends and siblings. All of which has helped Oscar to make plans for his future. “I would love to open my own bookshop because I love to read books,” he said.